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Ciao! My name is Raffaele and i am an authorized tour guide. I had got a first degree in Archaeology and History of Art with a dissertation on burials ad sanctos; also, i continued my studies, and i took a second degree in Archaeology and History of Art with a thesis on the imparial and late roman amphoras from the Catacomb of San Gennaro in Naples, both degrees are taken at University of Naples Federico II. Throught these studies i found commercial relationship within Naples and the other cities along the Mediterrean Sea during the Roman Empire. I have also got the Diploma in Archaeology of Scuola di Specializzazione at Università della Campania (Naples), i am bringing a project for the restoration of an ancient Pompeii’s
house and its opening to the public.

I travelled through many countries living for two years in London where i worked as restauretor for the HMS Belfast as better known as Imperial War Museum. Both travels and the expirience of living abroad have made me understand how lucky i am to live in Naples! It’s a city with a unique charm, where you can breathe history and art in every its street corner, a place where people’s energies are so strong and powerfull that you can feel at home everywhere and in every moment of the day. A city, maybe, between the most important in Europe and Italy, an unformed diamond waiting to be crafted.

My most strongest passioni s archaeology and art. I love my land and i could not choose better job than this, where i can show the beauties, the story, the archaeology, the art, i can tell the tales and legends, i can bring you trought the secret and veiled wonders of this place.

Peraphs there’s art in my DNA, or maybe i was born in the art. When i was child, i was fashinated staring at my father when he was painting, watching colors mixing between themselves on a canvas, tasting theirs smell. On the side of my studies about classical archaeology and history of art, i love so deep the late Manierism and the Baroque in art.

I am occupied also in the rediscovering of typical products of my land, as ‘ Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio ‘, one of the many exellances of Campania. For this reason i am the President of the association ‘ Le Ali della Terra ‘, that has to restore the unworked lands with clean coltures as the Piennolo’s tomatoes.

I love my job as a tour guide so much to get excited all the time! To meet new people is a power skill of this job.

Anyway, if you are not looking for a common tour guide, but you’re looking for an archaeologist and historical of art than you are in the right profile!

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