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Guided walks by experts through the city frozen in time by the Vesuvius.

The cities buried by the terrifying volcanic eruption of 79 AD are the most precious source of insight into the daily life of the ancient Roman peoples. Pompeii covers an area of approximately 66 hectares and to visit means to roam the streets, access the shops and houses, the thermal baths and theatres – a complete immersion into an ancient city.

The tours touch, quickly but detailed, every aspect of the daily life in Pompeii, visiting one of each type of the most important remains (Houses, Baths, shops, slave and food market shop…)

The tour includes the visit of the amazing houses!

Starting from the “Marina” Gate we’ll visit: The Basilica, Forum (the main square), Municipal buildings (curia), the food market (Macellum), the Eumachia’s building (a slave market shop), the Temples of Jupiter and Apollos, a Thermal baths, a Termopolium/Caupona (Wine and fast food shop), a Bakery, the House of Menander, the Lupanar (brothel), the plaster casts.

What are you waiting for?

Custom your tour if you need.

Duration is 2 hours (basic tour) buti f you want we can make a longer tour covering different areas.

Running days: Every day

Duration: variabile

from November 1th to March 31th

every day from 8.30 am to 15.30

April 1th to October 31th

Every day from 9.00 am to 18.00

Access to Ruins

Marina Gate

Amphitheater Square

Esedra Square

Entrance fee

Archaeological excavations of Pompeii

Full € 15.00

Reduced € 9(*)

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