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Archaeological Park of Baia

Archaeological Park of Baia

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They are called a set of buildings and spaces equipped degrading to the sea, enlarged and enriched for a few centuries. They are not spas, hotels, villas, simple mansions or temples dedicated to the various deities, but all this put together.This is the characteristic that makes the agglomeration from the early years of the 2nd century BC to the 4th a.m. singular. After the sunbath, the semi-circle bedrooms allowed couples to retreat intimately. The large bathtub allowed a pleasant refreshment. Ancient writing sources refer to Baia as a place of meno and idleness. The archaeological evidence far exceeds the most driven imagination.Nature, as if to keep up with human works, presents us with a ficus that instead of starting from the ground and rising towards the sky, develops its roots at once and grows downwards.

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