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Capua Archaeological Area Online Virtual Tour

Capua Archaeological Area Online Virtual Tour

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Ready to retrace the places and events of the most famous gladiator Spartacus,
who has started the famous slave rebellion that brought the Roman empire to its
knees? Let’s virtually discover the places of this wonderful story together!

Our first step of this virtual experience will be one of the Amphitheatres
which is the oldest in Italy, second to the Colosseum in size, where it began
the rebellion of Spartacus and where, thanks to the perfect preservation of the
undergrounds, we will be able to rebuild the daily life of the famous gladiators.
And again, we will virtually get inside the Mithraeum together: a mysterious and
perfectly preserved underground temple, where the ancient cult of the god Mithras
was practiced.

Give yourself a new and fascinating experience: just write us a message with your
requests, and the virtual tour will be perfectly tailored for you!

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