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Esoteric Naples

Esoteric Naples

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The itinerary is articulated through the legends and mysteries of Naples, from the mythical origins linked to the story of the young siren Parthenope landed on the islet of Megaride, up to the characters and the most curious places that have characterized the millennial history of the city. In this sense of particular interest, the discovery of the most significant sites of ancient Greek and Roman Naples is revealed, which can be traced through the numerous archaeological traces still visible (Piazza Bellini, Teatro Neapolis and San Paolo Maggiore).
When we talk about Naples we cannot but refer to the strong religiosity of its inhabitants: in particular we must remember the cult addressed to the saints and among all to Saint Gennaro (patron saint of the city) and to Saint Patrizia, both sincerely revered for the famous miracle of liquefaction of blood. A visit to the church of Santa Maria delle Anime in Purgatorio will also make it possible to understand how religious sentiment has often been imbued with a devotional component of macabre taste.
Another fascinating element is the primary role played in the Neapolitan popular culture by the ghost stories that according to legend inhabit some of the most important historical buildings of the city (Palazzo Spinello di Laurino and Palazzo Sansevero), or even from the stories of mysterious characters, as the case of prince Raimondo de Sangro (Cappella Sansevero), scholar and scientist endowed with an excellent mind, around which legends still survive today concerning his skills as an alchemist and necromancer.

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