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Local food tour

Local food tour

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Naples is an Italian foodie’s paradise. Make your taste buds dance from joy on this private food tour, and discover the city bite by bite. Munch on delicious food tastings like a UNESCO protected pizza, a locals’ favorite ‘Pasta al Ragu,’ and enjoy a fantastic city view with a prosecco in hand.

Campania is an ancient land. Millennial traditions are intertwined here, expressing in its most beautiful form the pleasure of eating together, typical of a Mediterranean lifestyle. In Campania, food does not mean only survival, but it is an integral part of a philosophy of life marked by pleasure and sharing, a philosophy that a famous Latin poet summed up in the Carpe Diem motto, Cogli l’attimo. Good food, consumed in company, is one of the indispensable pleasures of life. A pleasure that involves all five senses. In preparing food, smell and sight are essential, while eating it, tact and taste are the master. Finally let us not forget our hearing. We think of conversation, sharing and companionship. Typical recipes range from pasta dishes with clams, to fish to crazy water, to desserts (so many that you never know what to choose) to pizza, once relegated to poor food, vegetables, fruit (” annurche apples “, apricots of Vesuvius, cherries from the Neapolitan suburbs) to DOP products, especially the famous” buffalo mozzarella “which sees the production area of ​​Caserta and Salerno, to wines, red like Taurasi or white like Fiano di Avellino and the Greco di Tufo.

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