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Naples Online Virtual Tour

Naples Online Virtual Tour

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We’ll guide you online through the most remarkable historic and artistic spots of the city, with a particular focus on locations off the beaten track. A unique experience that combines everything Napoli has to offer!

We will start virtually from the heart of Naples at a Greek archaeological site, take a virtual walk through the ancient streets of the “Decumani” and Spaccanapoli. Then some virtual stops to Gothic and Baroque churches such as St. Lawrence, St. Domenico and the Cathedral – to understand the Miracle of St. Gennaro’s Blood. W

e’ll pass the unique nativity scenes and artisans quarter of San Grergorio Armeno.

I will show you the exclusive Banksy mural and tons of street art on the way!

Discover the cult of Dead and Underground church of Purgatory and the Veiled Christ, two hidden gems that we‘ll virtually admire!

If you want to see something special or have any other requests for this online experience, just ask!

We are more than happy to discuss your interests and make you an amazing offer!

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