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Pompeii Virtual Tour

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Pompeii Virtual Tour

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Always wanted to visit the corners of Pompeii, where tourists usually don’t go? Do you want to know what the final hours of the Roman colony were like? With the expertise of a local Vesuvian archeologist you will find out! Explore VIRTUALLY with me the ancient city ONLINE, explore its ruins and take a trip back in time.

I will share what I learned during my studies about Pompeii, and together we will visit, through images, corners of the city far from the usual touristic paths and I will tell you all about the dramatic eruption of the Mount Vesuvius that buried many, and of course, we virtually see the people of Pompeii: Plaster Casts. We’ll virtually stroll down the streets, shops, bath houses and theatres!

If you want to learn something special about Pompeii or really want to know what it’s like to be a Vesuvian archeologist, then send a message! Let me know your wishes and we can make this experience a personal one just for you.

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