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The city of Pozzuoli, few chilometers far from Naples, still keeps alive its greatness. Puteoli, its roman name, had been during the Roman Empire, one of the most commercial cities on the coast, because of its great Ship port.
Walking around the historical center, you can see traces of the monumental buildings of the ancient city: you’ll have the feeling to have a promenade through a “little Rome”, between ruins and rests of a wonderful and lively city. The stadium, The Macellum or Templum of Serapide, the Anfitheatres, the Thermal Complex… a wonderful Walking tour along history, with the sound of the sea.

The places you can see are: the Cathedral, reopened after the big fire of 1964, that still preserves the ruins of the ancient Temple of Augustus, inside a real Baroque Cathedral. The Rione Terra, the heart of the ancient Puteoli, where you can walk along Cardo and Decumans, inside the urban chessboard. The Anfitheatre Flavio, with the same name of the Colosseum in Rome, it’s the third greatest one in Roman Ages; the history reminds it not because a roman event: it has been the place of the martyrdom of Saint Gennaro, the Patron Saint of the city of Naples. Here you can visit the lower part too, with the cunicles where the gladiators used to prepare before the match. The Templum of Serapide, the ancient macellum, is actually the most imperial sign of the city thanks to its great architecture. Today is the study center of Bradyseism, a volcanic natural phenomenon of the intere Phlaegraean Fields.

The archaeology of our region sets in Pozzuoli one of its higher expressions, connecting the modern lively city to the wonder of the Imperial Roman Ages.

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