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Sanità District: Online Virtual Tour

Sanità District: Online Virtual Tour

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The Rione Sanità is one of the most colorful and folkloristic neighborhood of the city of Naples.

We will go through its streets to discover its old story: our virtual journey will start from the famous “Fontanelle” Cemetery, an old tufo cave turn into an ossuary, where it survives the ancient cult of the souls of purgatory still today.

We will continue our walk with the Church of Saint Mary where it placed the entrance of the catacombs of San Gaudioso…we will have the opportunity to descend into the depths of the earth to understand together the “sweepings” of bodies, ancient and particular way to bury people.

We will bring you in every corner of the neighborhood to admire the colorful street art works and we will enter into ancient noble palaces of the “Borgo Vergini”, not always open to the public.

We will conclude with one of the ancient city gate, “San Gennaro’s gate”, telling you its history related to the plague of 1656 but the tour it’s not ever yet, a gem is coming for you… Totò house…the most famous Neapolitan actor of the world, our prince of laughter.

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