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Capodimonte – National Gallery

Capodimonte – National Gallery

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The National Museum of Capodimonte, nestled in the Park, host one of the largest and richest art collections of Italy. Born as Royal Palace, its rooms were always been intended to accomodate all the legacies of the Kings of Naples – during the centuries. Up to the monumental strais, you will sink in the wonderfu Farnese collection: Tiziano, Masolino, Masaccio, drawings by Raffaello and Michelangelo… The greatest arti history is alla long the first floor, which ends with the Royal Apartments. The second floor is all dedicated to Neapolitan art: from Medieval Ages, to Renaissance and Mannerism, right to the light at the end of the corridor: the “Falgellation” by Caravaggio opens to the richest period of Naples’ art. The third and last floor host the contemporary collection: one of the main woks is “Vesvuvius” by Andy Warhol.

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